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many websites or domain names for a single company

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Case Studies

In south tamilnadu most of the business peoples cannot interested in renewal of their website domain renewals and popularize of their websiteSome clients oftenly tell changes in their designs for more than they paid amount.most of the staffs/employees cannot finish their project they will interest in only company shifting for salary alone.Do not ask more EMD in government tender and don't prefer local companies give chances to new other companies, small companies also can do that work.DO not give software projects to single man, students and small company for low cost, because they will not give full service support for a long time & they will go jobs for a higher salary, moreover they do not able to follow quality standards also. give orders to a company at-least stand for last 3 years.Do not believe ads like 50% offer, free gifts, buy1 get 2 free, and work from home earn more millions We deals many of the customers who affected and unsatisfied peoples of their p…

clients profile

A.R.A.S. APPALAMS  is  also privileged  to  employ maximum number  of  rural women   from  the  society, there by making  them to feel  that  they  stand  on  their  own legs. The  Proprietor,  Mr.V.C.RAVICHANDRAN person  to screen  the  quality  of  High Quality  ORID FLOUR capable  to  handle  entire  process  of manufacturing  and  heads  the  export division  too. We  at  A.R.A.S. APPALAMS have understood  the  need  of  quality products  by  overseas clients.  We  focused  on  export  business  and  that  extended  the  growth and  turnover  by regular  supply to Malaysia, Singapore, Australla,  Gulf,  USA, UK,   etc.

MICHEALRAJ TEXTILES ARE THE MANUFACTER  WHOLESELLER OF LADIES GARMENTS. We have a wide range & fabulous collection of ladies nighties and nightsuits, made up of beautiful fabrics like satin, silk etc. this product is very comfortable while at rest. We offer various ladies nighties like ladies embroidered nighties, ladies prin…


One Domain Server Space Design, Installation & Testing FREE Banners, wallpapers & Presentations FREE Updations for Life time FREE Links in 200 websites (Popularity) FREE SMS ads for 2000 numbers FREE Domain appraisal & SEO report Website Ownership certificate FREE DVD for Tender, ISO & Export guidance 100% uptime, quality & error free websiteBusiness Offers:
Beam Consultancy Services (BCS) offers free website for best NGO/Trust doing real social services.We are ready to take webdesign  and basic computer training classes for any college/school or ngoAnd also we are ready to jontly provide offers for our customers, for example an computer sales company joint with us and provide their customers as "website free for more than 1 computer buyers"We offer branding that:
Is eye-catching, compelling, and memorableMeets your customer profile and reinforces customer loyaltyPortrays a professional image and is in tune with your corporate styleCalls potenti…

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Our Team

Managing Director
Founder and Managing Director of the Beam Consultancy Services. He was completed MBBS. He was in more then 2 decade of years in Medical field. Current responsibilities include Manage Finance, CSR and whole office administration. Barani's specialization includes, Transformational Business and IT advisory services for Health care industry.

Mr. M.Jahir Hussian
Managing Director
Co-Founder and Managing Director of the Beam Consultancy Services(Formerly Standard Info Technologies (SIT)). He runs a number of industries in the field of hardware, Institutes, food and leather goods named gemini oil store, VIP bags, Standard Hardware Solution & Institute. He was completed B.Sc. He is an experienced senior Information Technology executive have more 2 decade of years experience in IT training and computer Networking. He is leading the dedicated team of dynamic and talented professionals of our company. He directs the organization's communic…

our company websites old designs


Here we shown some of our clients and students testimonials about our services

01.Beam Consultancy Services is maintaining our company website very well with best support. Thanks for your best services.
Standard Info Technologies, Madurai, Tamilnadu

02.Thank you for the courtesy extended with us, we are appreciating your services for maintain our official website. You are giving an excellent performance to maintain our portal. Because of your performance, we recommended you to our friends to maintenance, development and newly launching. Once again we thank you for the kind service.
United Infotech, Madurai, Tamilnadu

03.I want you to know you have exceptional trainers in your institute. Their calm, patient manner was a great help to our staffs. Their knowledge of the software and their remarkable problem solving abilities in hardware troubleshooting are rare indeed. The quality of firms’ employees is an indicatio…
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Old company SIT  SMM:…

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Anonymous FTP

          Capability of setting up a public area for remote access to your server ASP

Active Server Pages, Microsoft's technology to enables HTML pages to be dynamic and interactive Y: by embedding scripts, i.e. either VBScript or JScript, Microsoft's alternative of JavaScript. Since the scripts in ASP pages (suffix .asp) are processed by the server, any browser can work with ASP pages regardless of its support for the scripting language used therein. Active Server Pages enable web developers to make their sites dynamic with database driven content. The code is mainly written in VB Script, and it is produced on the server of the web site instead of the browser of your web site visitors. The server reads the ASP code and then translates it to raw HTML. This means that the web site owner doesn't have to worry about the visitor having the right tools to view the the web site's dynamic content. ASP.NET is the next generation of Microsoft…


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