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One Domain Server Space Design, Installation & Testing FREE Banners, wallpapers & Presentations FREE Updations for Life time FREE Links in 200 websites (Popularity) FREE SMS ads for 2000 numbers FREE Domain appraisal & SEO report Website Ownership certificate FREE DVD for Tender, ISO & Export guidance 100% uptime, quality & error free websiteBusiness Offers:
Beam Consultancy Services (BCS) offers free website for best NGO/Trust doing real social services.We are ready to take webdesign  and basic computer training classes for any college/school or ngoAnd also we are ready to jontly provide offers for our customers, for example an computer sales company joint with us and provide their customers as "website free for more than 1 computer buyers"We offer branding that:
Is eye-catching, compelling, and memorableMeets your customer profile and reinforces customer loyaltyPortrays a professional image and is in tune with your corporate styleCalls potenti…

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Our Team

Managing Director
Founder and Managing Director of the Beam Consultancy Services. He was completed MBBS. He was in more then 2 decade of years in Medical field. Current responsibilities include Manage Finance, CSR and whole office administration. Barani's specialization includes, Transformational Business and IT advisory services for Health care industry.

Mr. M.Jahir Hussian
Managing Director
Co-Founder and Managing Director of the Beam Consultancy Services(Formerly Standard Info Technologies (SIT)). He runs a number of industries in the field of hardware, Institutes, food and leather goods named gemini oil store, VIP bags, Standard Hardware Solution & Institute. He was completed B.Sc. He is an experienced senior Information Technology executive have more 2 decade of years experience in IT training and computer Networking. He is leading the dedicated team of dynamic and talented professionals of our company. He directs the organization's communic…

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