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many websites or domain names for a single company

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Case Studies

In south tamilnadu most of the business peoples cannot interested in renewal of their website domain renewals and popularize of their websiteSome clients oftenly tell changes in their designs for more than they paid amount.most of the staffs/employees cannot finish their project they will interest in only company shifting for salary alone.Do not ask more EMD in government tender and don't prefer local companies give chances to new other companies, small companies also can do that work.DO not give software projects to single man, students and small company for low cost, because they will not give full service support for a long time & they will go jobs for a higher salary, moreover they do not able to follow quality standards also. give orders to a company at-least stand for last 3 years.Do not believe ads like 50% offer, free gifts, buy1 get 2 free, and work from home earn more millions We deals many of the customers who affected and unsatisfied peoples of their p…