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Samiyana Pandhal

Contact For Chairs & Samiyana Pandhal

Samiyanas at various colors and sizesExperienced in morethan 6 yearsConcession rates for temples, government schools & NGO/trust functionsdiscounts for repeated/regular customersLoyalty schemes for customer's references Prop: S.Muthuraman

MJM Samiyana & Chair Land
9-1, Madurai Main Road, 4th Street
Sivagangai, Tamilnadu
Cell: +91 9095424972, 8489322558

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“IT Exhibition & Job Fair” Organized by @ Friends Mahal, Madurai on 8.6.2008 Venue & Date: Friends Mahal – near Periyar bus stand, Madurai – 625001 – 8th June 2008 The Event: • Madurai’s First Ever “IT Exhibition & Job Fair” in the Year 2008 By Beam Consultancy Services – Madurai. • We cordially invite IT Companies to participate and hire people of various categories. Exhibition\Job fair benefits: • A great opportunity to show-case your products and services. • Frame a brand consciousness among visitors. • Platform to meet entrepreneurs from various fields. • With media and press your products will come in limelight. • A chance to meet the end-users. • Analyze market by meeting the end users and knowing their requirements. • An opportunity to raise the image and status of the organization. • Publicity through advertising and marketing. • Establishing important contacts within the industry. • Enhanced shareholder and customer relations. • Save your time, work …